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Gunsmith Services provided by JS Arms

             Gunsmith Services


There are many adjustments and modifications that can make your firearms more useful and comfortable.

Common gunsmith services include: adding scopes, changing grips, installing different sights, and action jobs to make the firearm perform more efficiently.

You may have an older family heirloom or a fixer-upper that has been well-used and needs some specific restoration attention.  Jim can help make sure that the firearm is safe to shoot and help decide on the level of restoration that makes sense based on market value and plans for future use.

     Gunsmith Services Accessories


There are many ways to customize your firearm and your personal carry situation. Jim has established relationships with all types of accessory suppliers including: holster rigs, grips, optics, etc.


Most accessories and many firearms can be modified to your taste with popular themes or completely customized. Ask about the hydra-graphic treatments in popular colors and themes such as camouflage, snake skin, zombies, and more.

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